1. Devil's Curse

From the recording Love, Lies 'n' Leaving

Vocals Helen Townsend & Shannon Smith. Featuring James Church (Montgomery Church) on Dobro, Helen Townsend Acoustic Guitar, Elliot Smith Percussion
This first single off the EP released in Sept 2020, Devils Curse is a stripped back, acoustic cry out to that loved one who is making all the wrong choices and heading down a path of destruction. Confessing their own weaknesses, Helen & Shannon plead for the listener to turn around to avoid “The Devils Path”. Featuring James Church (Montgomery Church) on Dobro, Devils Curse invokes the feeling of pleading for mercy upon a lost soul! You get the sense that Co-Writers Helen Townsend & Belle Harvey were sipping whiskey summoning Steve Earle, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings as they penned this story.